Things I’m Reading: Bad-News Edition

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the things I have been reading lately:

  • Insightful post by anesthesiologist Shirie Leng on the ephemerality of media attention surrounding the shocking murder of Brigham & Women’s cardiothoracic surgeon Michael Davidson. See my post about it here.


Anything else I should add to my reading list?



  1. This may be an extremely idealistic argument, but there is something in me that is saying that there is no such thing as how doctors should handle deaths in hospital. Every patient is different and you are different every moment, so how could there be a way or two that should be?

    Your previous post reminded me of a book called “5 regrets of dying” by Brownie Ware, which, I admit I have not read yet. I just know a little about it. It is a book written by a former nurse in palliative care. And she wrote that every one of the people she had accompanied found peace before they left. Every single one of them.


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