Things I’m Reading: Mental Health Edition

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the things I have been reading lately:

  • What is the real toll of war on our veterans? A beautiful photo series highlighting what it’s like to live with PTSD. For another take on living with and living through a traumatic experience, see my recent post about the broken and yet unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

  • A start-up that I just learned about and was featured on a couple years ago. A clever way to address both the shortage of mental health providers in certain areas and the stigma of seeing one.
  • NYTimes: Another healthcare delivery innovation. This time around medicine, health coaches, and customer service. Can we be better stewards of health for our patients?
  • Gawker: It’s crucial we “get this right” when it comes to transgender rights and transgender health. Click to learn more about transgender health issues and ways to improve your own practice.
  • ThinkProgress: Gay conversion therapy is harmful and unethical. Thankfully, it was banned in New Jersey, as it has been in California, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.
  • Vox: Chipotle announced this spring that it would stop serving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Further evidence that we have no evidence when it comes to our food and healthy eating. See my post about Authentic Food for some thoughts.

Anything else I should add to my reading list?



  1. Thank you for your link highlighting the harm (and illegality in a few states) associated with “gay conversion therapy). Our child psych clinic in Utah has seen this garbage gaining ground since coming here 5 years ago after our Residency in CA.

    We have one of the highest teen suicide rate in the nation. The methods associated with this snake oil “therapy” have a extremely high correlation with causal factors in teen suicide.

    If my 5th-soon-to-be-newborn baby doesn’t put me in my grave, I’m going to “bring up” this issue to my new community, and let the dice roll as they may. However, silence would not be a ethical option for me.

    The amount of pseudo science floating around here in support of conversion therapy is a insult to peer reviewed, clinical psychology.

    That places my colleagues and I in a bad light. More importantly, I’m pretty damn sure that it has a high potential to kill a boat load of kids.


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